When trying to find the perfect gift for someone, there are many ideas out there for you to choose from. However, there are few that can really stand out as something truly unique and romantic. Personalised printed roses are a fantastic way to put your message across to the one you love. They are not something that is widely found and this adds a special touch to your gift. You can say more than just words too, with this technique, you can also have pictures or even logos as well.

They always tell you to say it with flowers, well in this case you can do just that. You will be able to see the surprise and joy on their faces when they see the roses, and then see the special individual message that you have had printed on it.

How does it work?

This unique and unusual way of printing messages is a new ground breaking technique. The message or picture is provided either from a number of stock messages and images, or by the person requesting the flowers. This is then printed onto the outer petals of the flowers using a special embossing process. This can be done in a number of different colours and in different designs.

The process, carefully imprints the ink onto the delicate surface of the rose petal. This is incredibly intricate and the end result is a very beautiful and sophisticated look.

The Flowers

The personalised printed rose's process uses roses. This can be achieved either using an intact rose, or as individual petals. They are usually printed on roses that have only just opened, this makes it easier to both print on the rose, and read the message afterwards. Any type and colour of rose can be printed on, this means that special occasions can be catered for as well as a particular type of rose that may have a special meaning for someone.

In most cases, the roses are supplied, but in special occasions where a particular type of rose is needed, then they can be supplied by the buyer. Many suppliers have the ability to produce a big number of roses with the same message or design. This is good for functions and big occasions.

The flowers don't have to fade either, as well as pictures of the roses, why not press them so that you will always have a reminder of the special occasion or event.


These personalised printed roses are excellent for any number of occasions, not only for one person as a gift, but also for much more. As you can add logos to the roses, they are perfect for corporate days or as a special touch for hotel rooms and function rooms. As they can be printed in bulk, they are also a great idea for weddings, birthdays and even funerals. But it is the special one-to-one gifts that really make these roses the perfect present.

With a sad occasion like funerals, there are often rituals that are upheld. If it is going to be a burial, some people like to offer flowers to be thrown in as a mark of love and respect. Wouldn't it be even more special if there were roses with a lovely personalised message or even a picture of the loved one on it?

For occasions like anniversaries, telling the one you love with flowers like this is a wonderful idea. Especially if this was the kind of thing you also had at your wedding, a lovely continuity throughout your life together.

In fact, every occasion is automatically made more special and memorable with a gift like this, not just for women, but also for men too.

Other Types of Printing

This type of printing technique also lends itself to other types of printing. For example, along with the roses, you can have them presented in a box with a ribbon that uses another process to print on it. You can have the same message as the one on the roses or a different one. Mixing the roses with other personalised gifts really adds another dimension to the present. It will also make the impact more impressive to your loved one.

The gift of roses is a lovely thought, but it is all the same, especially on an occasion like Valentine's Day. Red roses have always been a symbol of love, and yellow ones a symbol or friendship. But with a rose with a twist like a personal message printed onto it, you can make any occasion, even one like that, something different. So if you are looking for the ultimate in romantic symbolism, or if you are a corporate company that is trying to add that personal touch, then you cannot go far wrong with the impressive personalised printed roses.

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