Even though it is traditional, and some would say cliché, sending your wife or girlfriend flowers on Valentine's Day still holds special meaning. It lets her know how much you care for her and that you remembered her on the one day of the year set aside for love, plus it is a tradition that most women love.

Why Flowers?

You could choose to send chocolates or a book she has been meaning to read, but even though it may seem cliché, most women are expecting to receive flowers on Valentine's Day. You can send another present with the flowers or you can wait until that evening to give her another present, but the gesture of sending flowers lets her know you haven't forgotten the day and that you care enough to send her flowers. While sending flowers on Valentine's Day is traditional, the flowers you send don't have to be traditional. You order flowers that reflect her style and tastes, not the same type of flowers that every other women will be receiving. By sending her something unique, it will not only show how much you care about her, but that you pay attention to what she likes.

Send Flowers in Her Favourite Colour

Rather than sending the traditional bouquet of red long-stem roses, send flowers that are in the same shades of her favourite colour. If she loves pink, send her pink roses with a mixture of carnations in both pink and white. For a women who likes yellow, you can send a number of flowers, including sunflowers, yellow roses, snapdragons or any number of other flowers. By sending her flowers in her favourite colour, it lets her know you have paid attention and care about what she likes. That is a more romantic and meaningful gesture than just ordering a traditional bouquet of red roses.

Send Flowers with a Special Meaning

Flowers have meaning attached to them and while everyone knows that red roses mean true love, there are other flowers that mean love as well. Carnations represent love and tulips signify love as well, including perfect love. You can also send calla lilies as they signify beauty and magnificence. Spearwood Florist can help you make an arrangement of flowers that tell your significant other just exactly what they mean to you and you can also include a card to tell your love the meaning of the flowers you send her. You can even combine the message of the flowers by choosing her favourite colour for those flowers as well.

Plan it in Advance

Since Valentine's Day is a busy day in the flower industry, don't leave ordering your flowers for the last minute. While there are many flower shops that will guarantee she will receive your order the next day, you are better off planning out the delivery a few days in advance in order to make sure she does get them on Valentine's Day. She will love what you send her just because they're from you. Choose from our wide selection of Valentine's Day flowers here: https://spearwoodflorist.com.au/valentines-day-flowers.html