Spearwood Florist has a great reputation for making the sick feel just a little bit better. They may not have any doctors and nurses on staff, but they are certainly experts at lifting the spirits of the ill in their time of need! They also specialize in sending new baby gifts to parents in the hospital in Murdoch. These include hampers, flowers, and many other wonderful treats for the new parents.

Sending Flowers & Gifts to St. John of God Hospital

Family members, friends, coworkers and other acquaintances of those staying in the hospital find it very easy to shop from this Australia-based floral package provider. They may have heard their friends talk before about Spearwood Florist sending Get Well and New baby flowers, fruit basket and hampers to St John of God Hospital in Murdoch. Or, they may know them from their deliveries to the other major hospitals in the area.  As a matter of fact, Spearwood Florist will send floral gifts and cards to St. John of God Murdoch Hospital and to any hospitals in Perth, WA, as well as Australia wide. 

Gifts for Friends in the Maternity Ward

It isn't just the sick that Spearwood Florist delivers packages too. We also have a wide variety of new baby gifts. Our quality assured fruit baskets, flowers, and hampers are just the thing to show a new mom that she's very well supported by her friends, colleagues and family members. No matter how far away you are from a loved one who is currently in the hospital for one reason or another, you can still send them flowers. This is because Spearwood Florist sending New baby flowers, fruit basket and hampers to the Maternity Unit at St John of God Hospital in Murdoch and other hospitals is an activity run primarily online. Our service is very easy to use. New patrons of the website will have no trouble at all choosing flower arrangements and other gifts for their loved ones, even if they do not have a particularly large amount of experience with online shopping.

What Kind of Gifts Can I Choose?

Spearwood Florist sending Get Well flowers and fruit basket to Murdoch and New baby flowers and hampers to Murdoch is a longstanding tradition of this Australia based flower provider. They have lovely arrangements available for purchase at the company website. Each floral arrangement has a special message. Those who are unsure of what to get for the person they are choosing a gift for would do well to choose a “florist choice” option from Spearwood Florist. These are available in box arrangements, fresh cut bouquets, and in other beautiful forms as well. It is also a good option to browse the website and merely see which arrangement seems like it would fit the person you want to brighten the spirits of. Speaking of floral gifts having a special message, Spearwood Florist actually offers roses with a message printed onto them! They are currently only available in Spearwood WA and the surrounding areas. This is a very unique gift idea, and it is sure to make the person you are sending a gift to smile. Perhaps you would like to choose a message saying “Get Well Soon” printed on their favorite color of rose. At Spearwood Florist, this is possible. You can personalize the roses to your heart’s content. On the same section of the website, there is an option to have a length of ribbon personalized as well. You can use this ribbon over gift baskets, floral bouquets meant to be put in a vase, and many other special gifts.

Even if you don't live near the hospital, our Murdoch hospital florist a huge variety of gifts you can purchase on their website. Most are available to send to St John of God, the third largest private hospital in Australia.

Your loved one is sure to be happy with your thoughtful present. To order online, visit our website at or call us on (08)9418 3532

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