Sending flowers to your mum on Mother's Day is as traditional as sending your wife or girlfriend flowers for Valentine's. Mother's Day is one of the two days that are the busiest days of the year for flower shops as they send out hundreds of bouquets and flower arrangements of all kinds to mother's everywhere. If you plan on sending your Mother flowers on the day set aside especially for her, consider these tips.

Send Her Favourite Flowers

Rather than send traditional Mother's Day arrangements that you see online or a bouquet of roses, send your mum her favourite flowers. Whether she likes daisies or petunias, they will mean more to her than other flowers she may not like. It is the thought that counts, but if you know enough to be able to send her her favourite flowers, she will be impressed with that you paid that much attention to what she likes.

Pick Flowers in Her Favourite Colour

Even if your mum's favourite colour is green, there are several flowers you can send her that will be in her favourite colour. She will appreciate them more because you know what she likes and you're not just sending random flowers that may seem like they're an afterthought.

Send Flowers to All Your Mums

These days, blended families are common and you may not only have a mother, but a step-mother as well. Don't forget to send your mother, step-mother, grandmother and, if you have one, your mother-in-law flowers on Mother's Day. This is a great way to show your love and appreciation to all the mothers in your life. They will be touched by the gesture as well as most of them will not expect it.

Make it an Early Surprise

Rather than waiting until Mother's Day to have the flowers delivered, send her the flowers a couple of days early. If she has a job outside of the home, have them delivered to her job to give her an unexpected surprise. The flowers can brighten up her office or work area, then she can take them home to enjoy over the weekend.

Send a Flowering Plant

If a mother that doesn't particularly like cut flowers, send her a flowering plant or a regular house plant instead. The plant will be a living reminder of your love for her and she can enjoy it for many years following Mother's Day. If your mum likes to garden, find a plant that will work well for the climate she is in so she can plant it in the yard or garden to go along with her other plants.

Don't Forget a Vase

Send her a bouquet or flower arrangement in a beautiful vase that your mother can keep long after the flowers have wilted. It may encourage to keep flowers in the vase to brighten her desk at work or keep them on the dining table as a centrepiece. For Mother's Day flower delivery Australia wide, visit Spearwood Florist online store at