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Yangebup Florist - Flowers Yangebup - Flower delivery in Yangebup


Yangebup is a southern suburb of Perth WA and is located within the City of Cockburn. The post code of Yangebup is 6164.

Flower Care:

If you are any fresh floral bouquet or floral arrangement it is important that you be extra careful about the flowers. Mostly, the floral arrangements last for about one week depending on the kind of flower you use and the amount of care you take. The 3 simplest ways to take care of flowers are:


Water is crucial for flower care, make sure that you mix the solution of flower food in the water and keep the vase filled sufficiently with this solution. The flower food we give will keep the flowers remain healthy and fresh for long. While making the solution, it is important that you avoid using more water than mentioned in the packet.

Flower Food:

If you notice the flower food appears to be too cloudy, replace the full solution and use a fresh solution for your flowers. You must try to re-cut the stems with a sharp knife often and place it quickly in the solution. Be sure to avoid using scissors or clippers to prevent crushing of the stems.


To make the floral arrangements last longer it is important that you keep them away from direct sunlight or any other sources that emits heat radiations. Keeping the arrangements or bouquet close to electrical appliances will cause the flowers to dehydrate. It is best to keep them in cooler conditions.

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