Different Types of Funeral Flowers and their Meanings

Different Types of Funeral Flowers and their Meanings

When a friend or a loved one dies, it is customary for flowers to be sent to the family of those that have passed away or to the funeral home to express your sympathies and to honour the deceased. There are traditional arrangements that can be ordered and sent for a funeral and they are usually sent directly to the funeral home or wherever the funeral service is being held. The funeral flowers can be made up of any type of flower you choose, especially if they were special to the person who passed away, but there are some flowers that are traditionally used in funeral arrangements. When choosing the flowers to send, you should consider the person's age, likes and dislikes, as well as the colour and type of flowers.

Type of Funeral Arrangements

The arrangements for funeral flowers are sent to wherever the funeral is being held, whether it is a funeral home, a church or at the gravesite. Typically, they are larger floral arrangements that are made to be seen during the funeral or the memorial service. The type of floral arrangements made for funerals include:

    Casket or Coffin Spray - This arrangement sits atop the casket and it is usually ordered when the funeral arrangements are made by the family. When you are ordering flowers to be sent to the funeral home or church, you can contact the funeral director to ask if a casket spray has been ordered. If not, you can order it, but this type of arrangement is usually ordered by the family.

    Funeral Wreaths - While these are generally made in a circular shape, they can be made into any shape at all and they come in varying sizes. Wreaths are made with flowers, most commonly red and white flowers, arranged within a green wreath. Funeral wreaths are seen by many people as tribute flowers.

    Funeral Cross - Flowers are woven in a cross pattern and they came various sizes. Funeral crosses usually reflect the sender's personal religious sentiment and are very common at funerals held in churches.

    Funeral Baskets and Pots - These arrangements vary in size and are made within wicker baskets or ceramic pots to make it easy to carry them from the site of the funeral service to the gravesite. The flowers within the basket usually reflect the deceased favourite flowers.

The only time that sending a flower arrangement is inappropriate is if the family of the deceased has requested that flowers not be sent. Before ordering and send flowers, check with the funeral home to see if the family has mentioned such a request or check the funeral announcement as the request is usually stated in there.

Common Flowers for Funerals

Along with traditional flower arrangements, there are certain flowers that are commonly sent to funerals. One such flower is the white lily or Arum lily. This flower represents the Christian images of sorrow or bereavement and white is the colour of mourning in many cultures, so daisies, white roses and other white flowers work well in funeral arrangements as well. Chrysanthemums are common funeral flowers as well and they symbolize devotion and loyalty, so they would be appropriate to send for a funeral of a close friend or family member. Roses are used often in funeral arrangements, usually white or red, and they denote love. Marigolds are also used in many flower baskets that are sent for funerals and marigolds mean 'comfort the heart.' When you order flowers online, you can choose from a selection of pre-designed funeral flower arrangements at this page https://spearwoodflorist.com.au/collections/funeral or you can customize the arrangement to reflect the decreased favourite colours or flowers.

When you are looking for a florist, it will be a good idea for you to find out how long each of these businesses have been around, because experience is very important when it comes to choosing a floral provider that you can rely on for a good deal and prompt delivery services, regardless of what the occasion is. The more of this research you do, the better of a decision you will ultimately make.

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