Guide about sympathy and funeral flowers

Guide about sympathy and funeral flowers

Even though flowers are commonly associated with beauty and happiness, they’re also very much associated with sorrow and remembrance. For thousands of years, flowers have served as honorary centrepieces for sympathy and funeral events for loved ones.

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Spearwood Florist can help you send sympathy flowers and funeral flowers to deceased loved ones and their families. Let us introduce you with a brief guide about sympathy and funeral flowers.

Send funeral flowers

We can send flowers to a loved one’s funeral service and the funeral home to honour them. Floral funeral arrangements are larger and formal, mainly serving a decoration and tribute to the deceased person. Sombre, yet hopeful colours work well in these arrangements; sometimes, colours may be chosen best suiting funeral customs for your faith.

These larger arrangements are more suited for the graveside services and the funeral home. In some cases, these flowers are placed outside the funeral home to honour the deceased and their family, particularly in cases of faith.

Family members, however, usually lay more personalised arrangements around their loved one’s casket and/or grave site. Their flowers are usually the closest flowers to their loved one. Some funerals may depict family members placing flowers inside the casket, though it’s not commonly practiced.

Funeral flowers are usually not personalised, and instead use modest colours and arrangements to honour the spirit of their loved one’s passing. These flowers mainly pay respect during the time of the funeral services. Some families may want to personalise their arrangements to suit their loved one if they want.

Send sympathy flowers

We can send sympathy flowers to the loved ones of a deceased person. When sending sympathy flowers, it’s recommended to directly address the flowers to them, allowing them to directly receive the arrangement.

These arrangements are generally smaller, modest arrangements constructed to reside on tables as centrepieces. Brighter, hopeful flowers work best in these arrangements, which helps recipients feel better each time they look at them.

If preferred, plants can also be used as sympathy arrangements. They’re a great choice of gift, since the recipients can keep the plant as a long term reminder of their loved one’s life.

In addition, many sympathy flower arrangements come with personalised enclosure cards. Most of the time, these cards contain a heartfelt message that help comfort the family of the deceased. It’s recommended to sign the card before sending to them. If you’re sending the gift in a group, have each member of your group sign the card with their names.

Let Spearwood Florist arrange your next heartfelt funeral and sympathy flowers

We understand the importance of providing fresh and fragrant flowers for sympathy and funeral occasions. All of our sympathy and funeral flowers go to our customers as fresh as the day we pick them. Even if you can’t be there with your loved ones, we can get your floral arrangement there and remind them that your thoughts are very much with them.

We want to create wonderful displays of sympathy and funeral-appropriate flowers that will honour their spirit and lift the spirits of their loved ones. We believe in crafting arrangements that celebrate the life of that same loved one. Browse our currently available selection of floral arrangements today to see our choices for sympathy and funeral flowers.

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