Wedding flowers by Spearwood Florist Add a Special Touch to a Special Day

Wedding flowers by Spearwood Florist Add a Special Touch to a Special Day

What's a garden without flowers?
The same could be asked of a wedding without the aroma and atmosphere of professionally selected blooms.

Your Wedding's Floral Intricacies

With flowers available everywhere from roadside stands to grocery stores to expert florists, how do you know where to begin?

Remember a wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and every detail deserves your attention. Your flowers are a significant component that will interweave through almost every aspect of your day, from your bouquet to the boutonnière to the ceremonial hall to the reception hall to, in some instances, even the wedding cake. You are special and unique as is your wedding. The bride and groom's wedding day should reflect who they are and their individual tastes.

If you feel overwhelmed by this aspect of your special day, don't. There are experts available to ease your tension and guide you in making a decision with which you'll forever be happy.

Spearwood Florist in Perth, Australia, is a full-service florist with experience and options galore.

The Spearwood Florist Experience

Spearwood Florist is located at Unit 2, 455 Rockingham Rd, Cockburn Central, Western Australia. The store can be reached by telephone at +61 (8) 9418 3532. Internet users can find Spearwood Florist on Facebook and online at

Picture Floral Perfection

Select your florist with care. You want to work with someone professional, friendly and willing to work with you.

When you picture wedding flower perfection, what do you see? Do you see the church or hall elegantly draped in exquisite flora or carpeted with delicate petals? Do you see reception tables given new dimension and brought to life with colourful, eye-catching blooms?

We can replicate that vision with their professional arrangements. Our work is truly a delight to one's senses. Cascading lilies, cheerful gerber daises, immaculate roses and more in vibrant colours, delicious aromas and endless pairing possibilities await.

"At Spearwood Florist, you can leave the creative imagination to our designers, who will create beautiful blooms in a large selection of stunning floral displays," say Spearwood Florist staff. "We believe in arranging flowers in a natural way, to enhance their natural beauty. Your flowers will be arranged using seasonal fresh flowers. We also offer personalised ribbons to complement your arrangement - ask us how."

Before you go

Make a list of the flowers you love and would like to incorporate into your special day. Note your ideas for floral arrangements, bouquets, centrepieces and anywhere else you'd like to see. Consider your wedding theme colours and what different flowers are known to mean. For example, red roses and red carnations can symbolize true love. Here are some areas you'll want to consider before your initial consultation:

Wedding Party
Bridal Bouquet
Basket Decorations

Flowers for bride's hair
Mother of the groom corsage

Grooms-men's boutonnières

Flower girl petals to toss
Groom's boutonnière
Mother of the bride corsage

Father of the groom boutonnière
Father of the bride boutonnière
Grandmothers corsages
Grandfathers boutonnières

Altar other central arrangements
Pew or chair decorations

Table centrepieces
Buffet table decorations
Bar decorations
Cake decorations

It's also wise to pre-determine a budget before placing your order. This will help you stay within your spending parameters. If you can't afford to decorate everything, then prioritize. Consider where flowers are most important to you and order accordingly. Take advantage of Spearwood Florist's expertise. Ask about in-season flowers, delivery times and costs or to see samples of previous work.

Here are some of the details you'll need to know:
• How will this match your gown, bridesmaids' dresses and grooms-men's suits?
• Do you want a unique bouquet or boutonnière for the maid of honour or best man? Are there other special people at the ceremony who should wear a corsage? Wrist corsages or buttonhole corsages?
• How can you incorporate greenery to flesh out the arrangements and stretch budget dollars?
• White time of year will the wedding take place? How will this influence your flower choice
• How can you make the bridal bouquet special; something to model all the other wedding flower arrangements after?
• Did you know that bouquets can be classified by type? There are different styles such as nosegay, crescent and cascading. Discuss which shape and type best suits your vision.

Keep in mind

There are really no right or wrong answers or arrangements when it comes to selecting your flowers. Let your own tastes guide you; what might suit one bride may be totally wrong for the next. Don't make the mistake of thinking you must adorn every square inch of space with blooms, either. Often with flowers, less is more and your florist will help you design tasteful, attractive arrangements that complement your other wedding-day selections. Don't be afraid to experiment. If you're not familiar with different flower types, don't fear. You're not alone. Browsing bridal or flower magazines can provide just the inspiration you need to get started on the search for perfect flowers. Be honest with your florist about your budget. This will help him or her find the most appropriately priced flowers or arrangements right from the get to, saving both your and their valuable time. If you wish to preserve your bouquet following the wedding, some brides opt to use a freeze-dried arrangement, or have this process done after the wedding is over. Finally, keep your guests' comfort in mind. Some guests may suffer from allergies. Certain types of flowers can cause allergic reactions so don't forget to consider this when ordering from your florist.