Seduction Yellow

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Presentation box of 12 Long Stemmed Yellow Roses

If you are considering gifting a presentation box of 12 long-stemmed yellow roses, here are some things to keep in mind:

  1. Yellow roses are a symbol of friendship, joy, and new beginnings, making them a great choice for gifts such as birthdays, congratulations, or to express appreciation for a friend.

  2. Long-stemmed roses, typically around 50 - 60cm in length, are an elegant and sophisticated option that can create a dramatic and impressive presentation.

  3. A presentation box can be a stylish and practical way to transport and display the roses. Choose a high-quality presentation box with a lid that can keep the roses fresh and protected during transport.

  4. When choosing the roses, look for ones with bright, vibrant yellow petals that are free from blemishes or signs of damage. Long-stemmed roses tend to have larger blooms, so make sure they are fully opened and healthy-looking.

  5. Consider including a note or card with the roses, expressing your well-wishes or sentiments. A personal message can add a thoughtful touch to the gift.

Overall, a presentation box of 12 long-stemmed yellow roses can be a beautiful and meaningful gift to show appreciation and celebrate a friendship or milestone.

Box colour may vary from pictured items. Flowers may be delivered as tight buds to ensure maximum longevity.

Regarding roses, it is important to note that they have a relatively shorter shelf life compared to other flowers. Typically, they last for just a few days (Usually 48 hrs), and this duration is influenced by factors such as temperature and light exposure. Therefore, it is advisable to store them in a cool place to maximize their freshness and longevity.

Seduction Yellow
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