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Funeral wreaths are circular arrangements of flowers that are often used as a symbol of eternal life and remembrance. They are usually placed at the funeral service or at the graveside. Some of the significance of funeral wreaths include:

  1. Symbol of eternal life: The circular shape of the wreath represents the cycle of life and death, with no beginning or end.
  2. Remembrance: Funeral wreaths are often used to commemorate the life of the departed and to show respect and sympathy to the bereaved family.
  3. Comfort: Funeral wreaths can provide comfort to the bereaved by expressing support and love from friends, family, and community.
  4. Tradition: Funeral wreaths have a long history of use in funeral customs and are often seen as a traditional expression of sympathy.

No matter what kind of funeral flower arrangements you prefer, it's important to keep things tasteful. A bouquet of fresh blooms can help lift the mood and bring back fond memories of the time you spent with the deceased. If you're unable to attend the funeral, it's always a good idea to send some sympathy flowers in your absence.

Can't decide on what to send? Let our expert floral designers dazzle you with their designs using the season's best flowers! The Designer's Choice Wreath is a one-of-a-kind collection of the designer's freshest flowers in a colour palette guaranteed to make a lasting impression. Available in standard, classic, medium, large and extra large, your wreath will reflect the amount you have spent and give you maximum value for your money. The diameter of the standard Wreath is approximately 35 cms.

It's important to consider the cultural and personal significance of funeral wreaths when sending funeral flowers. The bereaved family may have specific preferences or traditions.

Florist choice wreaths are custom made for you and will vary in colours and flowers from the image shown.

Please note: Wreaths are not appropriate to send to homes and offices except to funeral homes, churches and cemeteries for the service.

Wreath - Florist Choice
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